The Ailsa Craig Arts Centre is a membership based, intergenerational learning centre, that welcomes friends and neighbours from North Middlesex and beyond, to join together in the exploration of their creative potential.

The ACAC is a living legacy made possible by the Ailsa Craig Quilt & Fibre Arts Festival volunteers.   Throughout our history, people have gathered to visit and quilt, cook, build… create. At the Ailsa Craig Arts Centre, we honour this tradition and host drop ins & gatherings for a variety of special interest art groups. Join the Quilters at the Quilting frame… get feedback and ideas from the knitting and crochet group, create fidgiteer blankets for Alzheimer patients – the opportunities are limited only by your imagination.

Get Involved

As a volunteer organization, we need your ideas and your time or special skills to make the ACAC a functioning reality.  If you would like to teach, have book keeping skills, are a great organizer, designer, can sit on a committee or organize a class, please let us know. 

Future Classes & Interest Groups
Photography, Creative writing, Rug Hooking, Sewing, Quilting, Weaving, Knitting, Crocheting, Drawing, leatherworking- what inspires you?


If you love what we are doing and live too far away to benefit from a membership or to participate in the many classes and groups we offer, please consider making a donation to support the Ailsa Craig Arts Centre.  Maybe we are helping someone you love to be more connected and happy in the community. Maybe, we are inspiring creativity in you or a friend. Maybe, you’d just like to be a part of the magic that is the Ailsa Craig Arts Centre. What ever your reasons, we appreciate your support.

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